Actril Fog System (US Version)


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Actril Fog System

Airborne Bio-Decontamination

Fogging technology using Actril Cold Sterilant ready-to-use product naturally disinfects surfaces through vapor condensation.
The Actril Fog Dispenser is a specially designed device that fits on 1 gallon and 5 liter Actril containers to produce an Actril vapor which coats and disinfects any hard surface. The device fits on the top of a standard Actril bottle and uses an
8 mm or 5/16 inch diameter compressed air line supplied with compressed air (70 liters per minute @ 3 bar or 2.5 SCFM @ 45 PSI) to fog the Actril Cold Sterilant from the Actril Fog System

Increased Effectiveness
• High level bio-decontamination
• Fast microbiological efficacy
• Destroys bacteria, mycobacteria, yeast, mold, virus and bacteria spores
Environmentally Friendly
• Minimal chemical required due to fogging action (recondensation)
• Actril is safe for the environment
Easy and Safe to Use
• No manual spraying or wiping
• No human contact with chemical aerosols
• No residue left on surfaces
• Low investment, no maintenance, minimal chemical usage

Actril Fog System Datasheet

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