Minncare 1% Test Strips, Vial of 100 Strips


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Minncare 1% Test Strips verify adequate concentration of a 1% Minncare solution during sanitization of your high purity water system. These convenient dip-and-read strips can be used at any test port in your system to provide an accurate pass/fail measurement of Minncare solution.

Minncare Test Strips provide quick results with easy-to- read indicators. Use the Minncare 1% TS Test Strips as a pass/fail measurement for adequate concentration of sterilant after dilution. Then verify residual levels after rinse-out using Minncare Residual Test Strips.

Both the Minncare 1% TS and the Minncare Residual Test Strips may be used up to and including the last day of the month indicated by the expiration printed on the container even after opening. There is no need to separately record and verify container opening dates (see product link below).