AmeriWater’s Integrated HeatSan System has been cleared by the FDA!

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Absolute Water Technologies is very excited to work with AmeriWater as their authorized distributor of their technologically advanced dialysis and process water treatment equipment for the state of Indiana. We are honored to partner with such a fabulous company.

Dayton, Ohio – January 13, 2015: The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has cleared AmeriWater’s (SUEZ ENVIRONMENTAL) dialysis heat disinfection system, an innovative design that can disinfect two separate distribution loops while providing hot water to dialysis machines.

Energy savings with programmed operating cycles The HeatSan system gives dialysis facilities the ability to adjust operation for each day of the week, heating intervals, holding times and disinfection temperatures. As a result, the Heatsan can save energy and staff time while providing up to 100 gallons of 185 degree water for disinfection. Incorporating a PLC controller, the Heatsan is operated by a dual color touch screen displaying alarms, system status, tank level and disinfection temperatures plus a password-protected event log holding up to 12 months of data.

Designed for reliable worry free operation, the HeatSan’s construction is rugged yet space-efficient featuring a stainless steel skid and an insulated stainless steel storage tank with a sloping base for easy drainage. The tank is fitted with three phase heating elements, level transmitter and a temperature monitor. The isolation of the RO and bicarb mixing system is accomplished with three-way motorized ball valves. A stainless steel recirculation pump and stainless steel solenoid valves complete the innovative package.

Part of an eco-friendly suite of heat disinfect designs, the HeatSan rounds out our line of integrated heat-disinfect dialysis water treatment systems that includes the MediQA for small to large central systems and the Centurion for portable single-patient use at home or in a medical facility.

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AmeriWater is a premier provider of water treatment solutions for dialysis, healthcare and industrial applications. Established in 1995, AmeriWater is headquartered in Dayton, Ohio with regional distributors across the Western Hemisphere. In 2011, AmeriWater was acquired by Degremont.

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