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Providing Thorough Water Treatment Disinfection Services IN INDIANAPOLIS, IN, CLEVELAND, OH, AND ST. LOUIS, MO

Many commercial and industrial buildings—hospitals and medical clinics in particular—require disinfection services in order to prevent the spread of disease. Water system disinfection is incredibly important in this day and age. Absolute Water Technologies is a High Purity Water Treatment company skilled in disinfection services in the Midwest. It is our aim to provide you with thorough hospital disinfection services and quality systems that will help keep others safe.

Helping to Keep You Safe


AmeriWater’s ozone disinfection system uses a high-tech corona discharge process for producing aqueous ozone, which is the best disinfectant available for bicarb and water systems. This design produces high levels of ozone quickly, 10 grams per hour, reducing disinfecting time by half compared to chemical disinfection. Using oxygen eliminates nitrogen degradation of the ozone generator ensuring years of reliable performance. The ozone that is dissolved into the water is no more corrosive than chlorine. This portable compact system can be moved easily from bicarb to water, or center to center. The quick connect connectors with shut offs enable easy connection to the water storage tanks and bicarb systems. There are adjustable oxygen and water flow meters plus a vacuum gauge to indicate the proper vacuum to mix the ozone with the water. An ozone gas chamber removes excess gas not dissolved in the water and runs it through an ozone gas destruct device, returning it to oxygen.


UV Systems

Ultraviolet (UV) disinfection is commonly used in water treatment across many different applications and is a proven and recognized method of disinfection. Since UV disinfection is a nonchemical physical treatment, it does not add any color, taste, or flavor to the water, and does not change the chemistry.

Ultraviolet light at a wavelength of 254 nanometers destroys the DNA of microorganisms leaving them dead and prevents them from growing further. Bacteria, molds, algae, and other microorganisms are inactivated by UV disinfection. At a wavelength of 185 nanometers the UV provides total organic carbon (TOC) destruction.

A small footprint, low operational and maintenance costs, application-specific reactor design, and being environmentally friendly are just some of the advantages of UV disinfection.

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Getting disinfection services is incredibly important in order to stop the spread of dangerous diseases such as COVID-19. Absolute Water Technologies is ready to provide you with them. Please consider calling today to speak to a professional and learn more.

Craig G.
Craig G.
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Rick, Eric, and the entire team at Absolute Water Technologies are consummate professionals in water treatment. They have installed two (2) RO/DI systems for our businesses in Missouri and Wisconsin. Both projects were completed on time and in budget and final purity specifications were met easily on both systems right at startup. Service after the sale has been top notch, and both systems are performing perfectly 18 months after installation. When the time comes for us to expand/upgrade either of our systems, I would not hesitate to work with them again.
Jacob B.
Jacob B.
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These guys are top notch! They are very experienced, they offer reasonable pricing, and are some of the most knowledgeable high purity water treatment team in the business.
Tom W.
Tom W.
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Rick and crew have gone above and beyond again and again to help us with our DI water needs. Rick even came on a holiday weekend to get us back up and running. Highly recommended.