ELEGANT Bottle-less Water Cooler
ELEGANT – Bottle-less Water Cooler

Absolute Water Technologies is proud to be working with CRYSTAL QUEST to offer a healthier, more convenient, cost effective, and GREEN alternative to bottled drinking water. Our bottle-less water cooler is optimal for your health, a great value, and an environmentally friendly alternative to plastic water bottles.

When was the last time someone cleaned and sanitized the inside of your bottled water cooler? Water coolers are an open system highly susceptible to bacteria, organics, and other allergens and should be thoroughly cleaned regularly to prevent water contamination that could result in illness. Absolute Water Technologies bottle-less water coolers’ contain a self-sanitizing closed system with 9 stages of water filtration and optional UV or Ozone for added protection, so you know you always have safe, healthy, and refreshing drinking water.

Do you ever run out of water? Unlike bottled water coolers, Absolute Water Technologies, bottle-less water coolers will never run out of water. Our units connect directly into your water line then thoroughly filter and treat the water, to ensure you always have healthy, safe, and hassle-free drinking water at the push of a button.

Who replaces the heavy water bottles in your office? Changing the jug in a water cooler can cause aggravation and frustration in most offices; no one wants to replace the empty jug! Avoid major safety issues and a workman’s comp claim! Lifting and carrying these bottles can cause back and shoulder injuries and you are more susceptible to slipping in water spilled during transition. Be proactive by selecting the solution; an Absolute Water Technologies bottle-less water cooler where there are never any heavy jugs to exchange.

Do you like the way empty water jugs look? The aesthetics of your office affect office moral. Having ugly crates of water jugs lying around can make your office feel like a storage room. Absolute Water Technologies bottle-less water coolers are not just highly advanced and functional, they are also professional looking and easy to use.

Where do you store extra water bottles? Absolute Water Technologies bottle-less water coolers save space by eliminating the need to store replacement or empty bottles.

Time is money! An Absolute technician is on site when you need them but only routinely once a year to ensure quality. The intrusion of a monthly or weekly visit by someone coming in, interrupting your work flow, and making a potential mess in your office is eradicated when bottle service is removed.

GO GREEN! The water from an Absolute Water Technologies bottle-less water cooler (courtesy of Crystal Quest) is not just great tasting drinking water; it’s great for the planet! 70% of plastic water bottles end up in landfills, as litter, or incinerated. Americans throw away more than 50 billion plastic water bottles every day. There is a huge global initiative to become more environmentally aware and for everyone to really try to shrink their carbon foot print; water bottles are not a good way to accomplish this task. You may think that by recycling the 5 gallon water jugs used for your water cooler you are eliminating pollution, however, the carbon pollution emitted during the transportation process needed to get spring water from the source to the processing plant to the distribution center to your site, creates millions of tons of greenhouse gas and burns millions of barrels of oil.

9 Stage Water Filter System 

UF Filtration system

Stage 1. Sediment Filter – effectively removes 99.9% of microbiological cysts, cryptosporidium, and giardia.

Stage 2. Activated Carbon Filter – removes chlorine and many other cancer causing chemicals and organics.

Stage 3. Ultra-filtration Membrane – removes colloids, proteins, bacteria, viruses, parasites, protozoa and pyrogens.

Stage 4. 1 micron Filter – removes sediment, cysts, sand, rust, dirt and other undissolved matter.

Stage 5 & 6. Filter through mixture of Copper and Zinc – oxidizes chlorine.

Stage 7. Ceramic Balls – removes harmful bacteria.

Stage 8. Activated Carbon – removes chlorine and many other cancer causing chemicals and organics.

Stage 9. Final Filter – The final step in the process, resulting in healthy and really great tasting drinking water.

*Optional UV or Ozone for added protection

How does it work? Absolute Water Technologies will deliver the bottle-less water cooler to your facility, connect it to your water line, install all filters, and test the system. We will service and maintain the system for you annually, this includes: replacing filters as needed, testing the system, and documenting our system findings. Our 24 hour emergency service is always there for you, if there is ever an issue with your system. Customer service is our passion and we would love the opportunity to serve you.

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