Case Study Microbiological control is essential for ultra how a dialysis center was able to reduce the amount of hours disinfecting, and improve patient care by reducing the risk of complications from bacteria and endotoxin. Background Bacteria and its endotoxin byproducts are a universal concerted effort t microbiological standards that will require much better filtration […]

Central Sterile Processing Combating SSI’s -TIR 34 Water Best Practices

Surgical Site Infections (SSIs) are a scary prospect for anyone that needs surgery.  Often unplanned, there are many opportunities to contract an infection in a hospital, and the average patient is painfully unaware.  Thankfully, many areas of a hospital are fairly well regulated, but not in the area of water quality, which cleans the medical […]

Guaranteeing the Quality of Ultrapure Water For Your Lab Application

Reposted From Veolia/ELGA Lab Water Guaranteeing the Quality of Ultra-pure Water For Your Lab Application Water supports our health and quality of life as a powerful reagent in a wide range of biomedical research applications. In the laboratory, ultra-pure water is now more vital than ever to ensure clean data outputs from highly sensitive, advanced […]


TWO KEY RECOMMENDATIONS FOR PURIFYING YOUR LABORATORY WATER Reposted from our partner Elga Lab Water- Veolia Author: Ian Morbley The water in your tap has already gone through several purification steps to keep you safe and yet it still contains all sorts of impurities like microorganisms, salts (the reason why you would get electrocuted if […]


    by Guest Author on 26/10/2016 – Elga Veolia Categories: Life in the lab, Solution behind Great Science, Water Purity Do you drink your tap water? I am sure that your answer will be dependent on where you live. Not only that but what local standards allow will also vary from place to place. […]


  by Melanie Le Sage- Elga Veolia on 29/11/2016 Reposted By Absolute Water Technologies Categories: Life in the lab, Water Purity Many different laboratories require a consistent supply of high purity water. From those that need it for analytical experiments through to those that use it for cell culturing, with so many different ways of […]

Water Testing in High Purity Water Systems… How is it tested?

You use water for your experiments every day, but how much confidence do you have in its purity? Fortunately, you don’t have to check that it satisfies your needs each time you use it, as there are systems in place in most laboratories to make sure it is what it says on the tin. However, […]

Extractables and Leachables: an ultra-pure high purity water requirement

Reposted from our partners at Elga Labwater.  Absolute Water Technologies is a factory certified partner of Elga Lab Water. When it comes to medicinal drugs, it is essential that no chemical species is introduced which could possibly interact with and impact on the safety, quality and efficacy of the drug. Extractables and leachables both migrate […]

Dealkalization Process- An overlooked method in High Purity Water Systems

Dealkalization is the process of removing anions such as bicarbonates, carbonates, sulfates, and nitrates with a chloride anion exchange. This process treats softened water with a chloride form anion resin that exchanges chloride ions for anions in the feed water. Dealkalizers use a Type 2 strong base anion resin such as ResinTech SBG2. The resin […]

High Purity Water For Medical Device Reprocessing

With changes in 2008, 2011 for  Hemodialysis, and current recommended changes suspected to be adopted by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) based on Association for the Advancement of Medical Instrumentation (AAMI), other changes are expected to be on their way for other critical care areas.    One such area, medical device reprocessing, has often […]